Whalewatcher Special Issue Features Aquarium Scientists

By New England Aquarium on Monday, January 31, 2022

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Recently, Dr. Peter Corkeron, senior scientist at the New England Aquarium’s Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life (ACCOL), guest edited Vol. 44 No.2 of Whalewatcher, the membership journal of The American Cetacean Society. The publication, published once yearly, features “credible, timely science and research on cetacean-related issues.”

This issue of Whalewatcher explores the lives and difficulties of Southern right whales, North Pacific right whales, and critically endangered North Atlantic right whales with contributions from more than a dozen scientists.

Corkeron, who also chairs ACCOL’s Kraus Marine Mammal Conservation Program penned the journal’s introduction (pg.6) packed with incredible sightings of right whales, data highlighting their plight, and a call to action urging everyone to help save them.

Aquarium Senior Scientists Amy Knowlton and Philip Hamilton, Research Scientist Heather Pettis, and Emeritus Scientist Dr. Scott Kraus also have articles in the issue that focus on recognizing individual whales through photo identification in ACCOL’s North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog (pg. 18), and the importance of research collaborations like the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (pg. 13).

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Whalewatcher: Right Whales at Risk
Special Issue



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