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Mike O’Neill

Michael O’Neill

Giant Ocean Tank Manager
Animal Care, New England Aquarium


MS, Marine Science & Technology, University of Massachusetts Boston

BS, Environmental Geoscience, Boston College

BA, Biology, Boston College


Mike O’Neill is the manager of the New England Aquarium’s Giant Ocean Tank, a 200,000-gallon Caribbean coral reef exhibit. Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, Mike has always been drawn to the aquatic ecosystems in Boston’s backyard. He is a certified divemaster and has spent the last 10 years of his career working within the Animal Care team at the New England Aquarium. As manager of the Giant Ocean Tank, his work focuses on the advancement of animal care techniques and operations in support of the Aquarium’s largest exhibit and its diverse inhabitants.

Mike is also the administrator of the Gulf Stream Orphan Project. This citizen science initiative tracks the dispersal of subtropical and tropical fish species in the Northwest Atlantic by the Gulf Stream. Through collaboration with other marine conservation organizations and citizen scientists, Mike studies the occurrence and potential impact of these extralimital species on the coastal ecosystems of New England and beyond.



Behind the Scenes with Our Animal Care Team

At the Aquarium and in our Animal Care Center in Quincy, our team provides exceptional day-to-day support for the animals in our care, managing their diet, providing enrichment sessions, and much more.