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Elizabeth Stephenson

Elizabeth Stephenson

Marine Conservation Action Fund


M.S., Marine Biology, and M.S., Marine Policy, University of Maine, 2007
B.S., Earth Science Education, University of Delaware, 1997
B.A., History, Lafayette College, 1995


As director of the Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF), Elizabeth focuses her work on supporting the long-term success, impact and influence of ocean conservation leaders in low and middle-income countries across the globe. She played a leading role in the development and launch of the MCAF Fellows Program in 2015 and in running the inaugural MCAF Fellows summit in Boston in 2019.

Elizabeth is an active member of the fellowship consortium known as the Conservation Leadership Community of Practice as well as New England International Donors. She also serves as a scientific advisor to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Vital Signs Program. Prior to her role at NEAq, Elizabeth worked for the Maine Coastal Program where she coordinated the Maine Marine Invasive Species Working Group.



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