Seadragon Exhibit at the New England Aquarium
Seadragon Exhibit at the New England Aquarium
Spot weedy seadragons and other species of invertebrates and fishes that naturally coexist with seadragons in their native habitat—Australia’s temperate reefs.

Know Before You Go

There are three species of seadragons in the world—leafy (Phycodurus eques), weedy (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus), and the more recently discovered ruby (Phyllopteryx dewysea).

  • The weedy seadragons use their exceptional camouflage to hide from hungry predators. Challenge yourself. How many seadragons can you find during your visit?
  • Aquarium educators are often present to provide in-depth information about weedy seadragons and their unique habitat. Feel free to ask them if you have any questions.

A Look at Life in Australia’s Temperate Reefs

Seadragons live in Australia’s temperate reefs, and our exhibit displays a little slice of this unique habitat. Unlike tropical coral reefs, these temperate reefs are dominated by seaweeds, boulders, and soft corals. Aquarium artists handmade and painted the extremely realistic artificial rocks and coral in this exhibit.

Seadragons swim on exhibit at the Aquarium
Seadragons swim on exhibit at the Aquarium

Protecting Endemic Species like the Weedy Seadragon

The Southern Australian Temperate Reef is home to many endemic species, meaning they are only found in a specific geographic region. As an endemic species, any changes to a seadragon's habitat due to threats like climate change can pose a challenge for them. You can help tackle climate change on a community level, which helps seadragons even if you don't live near them.

Weedy seadragon
Weedy seadragon

Take a Look Around

  • Weedy seadragon
    Weedy seadragon
  • Guests at the Seadragon Exhibit
    Guests at the Seadragon Exhibit
  • A pair of weedy seadragons
    A pair of weedy seadragons



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