Penguin Colony

Penguin Colony
Penguin Colony
The Aquarium is home to about 50 penguins, including African penguins and southern rockhopper penguins with punk-rock hairdos of wild yellow feathers.

Know Before You Go

The Aquarium is home to more than 50 penguins who live in a bustling colony surrounding the Giant Ocean Tank.

  • Each penguin in our care has a unique bracelet on one of their wings to help identify them; females’ bracelets are on their right wing, males’ are on their left.
  • Penguin volunteers and trainers give talks inside the exhibit twice a day: 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m
  • Aquarium educators are often present throughout the day to provide in-depth information about penguins and species conservation efforts. Feel free to ask them if you have any questions!

Many Penguins Thrive on Temperate Beaches and Rocky Islands

Penguins spend over half of their lives at sea, but every penguin needs to come ashore to breed, molt, and raise chicks. Some penguins live in or near Antarctica, but most prefer more temperate climates. African penguins nest in burrows on or near scrubby temperate beaches in Africa, while rockhoppers prefer rocky sub-Antarctic islands.

Southern rockhopper penguin pair during nesting season
Southern rockhopper penguin pair during nesting season

Take Community Action to Protect Penguins

There are many ways humans can help protect vulnerable or endangered penguins! Communities can work together to combat climate change and its effects on penguins’ habitats, such as rising ocean temperatures that reduce their food sources. Switching to renewable energy resources, like solar and wind, reduces the carbon emissions contributing to climate change.

Southern Rockhopper Penguin
Southern Rockhopper Penguin Photo: Vanessa Kahn

Take a Look Around

  • The Penguin exhibit from above
    The Penguin exhibit from above Photo: Caitlin Cunningham
  • exhibit-penguin-rh2-1260x678
  • An aquarist feeds African penguins on exhibit
    African Penguin Feeding



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