Celebrating Our Volunteers

For Global Volunteer Month, get to know a few volunteers who work in very different roles across the Aquarium.

By New England Aquarium on Friday, April 26, 2024


April is Global Volunteer Appreciation Month, and to celebrate, we’re shining a spotlight on just a few of our amazing volunteers from around the Aquarium. Volunteers play an essential role in helping us work toward our mission. Today, there are more than 400 volunteers working across every department—and that adds up to around 58,000 hours of work to protect the blue planet each year!

Meet three of our current volunteers below, and hear what they enjoy most about volunteering at the Aquarium.

Dylan with Myrtle the green sea turtle
Dylan with Myrtle the green sea turtle at the top of the Giant Ocean Tank

Dylan, Giant Ocean Tank Volunteer

“I like volunteering at the aquarium because it has given me the opportunity to work up close with the animals I love most and meet people who share the same love of the ocean as me. I’ve learned how much hard work and care everyone puts in to make sure the animals kept here are thriving in their respective environments.”

Kathy at the Sea Turtle Hospital in Quincy
Kathy at the Sea Turtle Hospital in Quincy

Kathy, Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Volunteer

I very much enjoy volunteering at the Rescue and Rehab department. I started here about 18 years ago, just after I retired. When I am there, I always learn something by listening and chatting with the staff. It’s always a pleasure. They are dedicated and conscientious, and we frequently have informative and usually humorous conversations.

My task here is to do data entry. The projects require attention to detail and intense concentration. When doing this data entry, I frequently have questions, and I always end up knowing more than I did before I started the project.

The cold-stunned turtles that come to the turtle hospital frequently require unusual procedures and I get to learn all about those procedures.”

Aleezah holding a lobster shell—an interactive learning tool for Aquarium guests
Aleezah holding a lobster shell—an interactive learning tool for Aquarium guests

Aleezah, Conservation Education Volunteer

“The Aquarium feels like another world! I love connecting with guests over how fascinating our ocean creatures are and how we can work as a community to protect them. Our wonderful team of dedicated ocean-lovers has taught me so much about our exhibits and all of their fun quirks. Each day is incredibly fulfilling and inspiring and I’m so grateful for this experience!”


Let’s Take Action for the Ocean Together

Membership, volunteering, advocating, or attending events are just a few of the ways you can join us in protecting the blue planet.