Boston Explores! Week 4

Even though we may be spending more time at home, there are still ways to explore nature! Boston Public Library and the New England Aquarium are collaborating to bring Boston families weekly challenges to connect with nature either from a window at home, or your local park!

By New England Aquarium on Monday, September 21, 2020

See caption below

Weather (clouds)


Pick several days to observe the clouds and weather, try picking days with different weather conditions, and draw the different cloud shapes you observe. Remember – don’t look straight into the sun!

Materials Needed:

Pencil, paper, data sheet, and patience.

Zoom into this map to find the closest weather station to your home!


Scientists ask lots of questions, try these out this week!
  • What similarities in clouds did you notice?
  • What differences in clouds did you notice?
  • Are the clouds moving?
  • How many cloud types can you identify?
  • How do the types of clouds seem to connect with the weather of the day? Think specifically about wind, rain and heat.
  • If you are able to observe at sunrise or sunset, what do you see happen to the clouds? Why?

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