IMAX3D SharkThe giant screen – 65’ high by 85’ wide – is taller than a six story building! The slight curvature of the screen extends to the edge of your peripheral vision. The lamps that project the crystal clear images onto the gigantic screen get as bright and as hot as the surface of the sun! So hot, in fact, that cold water must be pumped into the lamp connectors to keep the machine from melting.

Amazing IMAX films will take you where you've only dreamed of going! Join us for incredible journeys to the bottom of the sea, outer space, and almost anywhere in between. Through the magic of IMAX and IMAX 3D, you can visit animals and habitats that are too large, too small or too endangered to exhibit in an Aquarium setting.

You can see an IMAX movie on its own, on a combo ticket when you visit the Aquarium or as part of an IMAX Theatre birthday party package with a participating local restaurant.

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