We support conservation and research projects at the Aquarium and elsewhere through Marine GIS technology and rapid turn-around funding for time-sensitive conservation projects.

Marine GIS Technology

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology allows scientists to organize and analyze complex marine data through time and space. By integrating our data onto maps of the Atlantic Ocean, we can see where right whales spend their summers and how far our rehabilitated sea turtles travel after their release. Learn more.

Marine Conservation Action Fund

By supplying much-needed funding at crucial moments, the Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF) supports time-sensitive conservation projects around the world. MCAF-supported projects have helped protect vulnerable habitats, preserve endangered species and promote the sustainable use of the world’s oceans. Learn more.

The Akiko Shiraki Dynner Fund for Ocean Exploration

The Akiko Shiraki Dynner Fund for Ocean Exploration and Conservation was created to support the ocean exploration, research and conservation activities of the New England Aquarium. Learn more.