The New England Aquarium works with some of the world's largest seafood retailers and suppliers to encourage the sustainable development of farmed and wild-caught seafood resources. The Aquarium advises these companies on issues regarding environmentally responsible seafood and facilitates work with fishermen and fish farmers to make proactive changes in their practices to favor our aquatic environments.

Our corporate sustainable seafood program began in 2000, when the Aquarium joined forces with Ahold USA—parent company to several supermarket chains including New England’s Stop and Shop and Giant Food Stores, located in the mid-Atlantic region. This partnership enabled Ahold USA to incorporate environmental criteria in their purchasing decisions and educate their clerks and customers about environmentally smart seafood choices.

Now, the Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program has expanded to include several of the country’s largest seafood companies, including Ahold USA, Darden Restaurants and Gorton’s, Inc. The Aquarium advises these companies on how to develop and implement visionary and realistic sourcing policies and practices in order to ensure greater environmental accountability throughout their supply chains.

Why Partner with the New England Aquarium?

Your company can help influence the seafood industry to favor environmental responsibility and marine conservation. We believe business decisions can benefit the bottom line and the environment.

Services and Benefits

Sustainable seafood partners enjoy access to a variety of benefits, including science-based assessments of their seafood supply chains, access to the latest information on environmentally responsible seafood and staff training opportunities.

Methods and Criteria for Evaluation

Seafood purchasing recommendations are backed by rigorous investigations into the populations, biology, management and environmental impacts of both wild and farmed species, down to the level of individual stocks or farms.

List of Sustainable Seafood Partners

The New England Aquarium’s sustainable seafood partners hail from across the seafood supply chain including grocery stores, restaurants and suppliers.