Your Seafood Choices Matter

Some types of seafood are much more environmentally friendly than others. You can help ensure that we will have plenty of tasty seafood choices for years to come by choosing ocean-friendly seafood today.

Easy Tips to Find Environmentally Responsible Seafood

Stay Informed

The first step in choosing ocean-friendly seafood is learning about your options. View our list of ocean-friendly seafood choices, pick a recipe and download our Ocean-Friendly Seafood Shopper Guide (pdf).

Ask Questions

Every time you buy seafood, ask where and how your seafood was caught or farmed. This shows seafood vendors that their customers care about where their seafood comes from and how it affects the environment.

Try Something New

Some ocean-friendly seafood choices may sound unusual, but they are worth a try. Experiment with a new kind of seafood, or try a new recipe. You may discover a new favorite.

If You Don’t See It, Ask for It

Vendors need to know that their customers want environmentally responsible seafood. Many retailers will even special-order items at their customers’ request.

Environmentally responsible seafood never tasted so good.

Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Outreach Coordinator, Sustainable Seafood Programs