The Aquatic Forum Series helps facilitate the identification, analysis and resolution of aquatic conservation problems by bringing together multiple stakeholders for consensus-building discussions of key issues affecting our aquatic environment.

Forums to date include:

  • Establishing an Agenda for Responsible Fishing
  • Exploring Transboundary Arrangements for Management of the Gulf of Maine Ecosystem: Focus on Sewage, Toxics and Coastal Development
  • Furthering the Establishment of an Electronic Environmental Information Exchange for the
    Gulf of Maine
  • Herring Stock Assessment and Research Priorities
  • Integrating Marine Conservation in the Indian Ocean: 1996 and Beyond
  • Lobster Summit I
  • Lobster Summit II
  • Lobster Summit III
  • Marine Animal Telemetry Tags
  • New England Fisheries: Planning for the Future
  • Non-Fish Nekton Workshop
  • Out of the Fog: Information Sharing in the Gulf of Maine
  • Pinniped Populations in the Gulf of Maine: Status, Issues and Management
  • Pinniped Populations, Eastern North Pacific: Status, Issues and Trends
  • Ponds, Lakes and Streams: Emerging Issues in Water Quality