Ornamental fish are frequently raised in aquaculture facilities for eventual sale to aquarium hobbyists. This large and important industry is one of the top-four U.S. based aquaculture industries. Yes, despite its importance, there is relatively little research dedicated to this sector. As one of the only ornamental fishes aquaculture research programs, we investigate the benefits and risks of this industry, including conservation and environmental impacts.

Tropical Marine Fishes

We are collaborating with Roger Williams University are combining efforts to collect eggs and newly-hatched fishes from the Giant Ocean Tank. Together, we will try to raise them in separate aquariums.

Project Piaba

We are working with fishermen along the Rio Negro to create a sustainable fishery centered around the cardinal tetra. By applying our knowledge of ornamental aquaculture best practices, we are able to increase the survival-rate of wild-caught cardinal tetras.


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