American lobsters are a cultural icon and one of the most important fisheries in New England. But it takes seven years for a lobster to reach the weight of one pound—the minimum legal harvest size. Through our American Lobster Research Program, we investigate the biology, behavior and physiology of larval and juvenile lobsters. We hatch and raise lobsters in our onsite aquaculture facility and pursue research that addresses questions regarding growth, nutrition, development and disease.


We are on the forefront of American lobster aquaculture research. Working from our research hatchery—the last year-round U.S. production facility for American lobsters—our scientists are investigating new and improved methods for raising lobsters in captive environments.


Through our American Lobster Research Program, we investigate nutritional requirements, brain development and pigmentation in captive-reared American lobsters. We are also collaborating with fishermen and scientists to develop a greater understanding of Lobster Shell Disease.