There are useful sites and thoughtful commentary out there on climate change. Here are links to the sites and the blogs we find most useful and authoritative.

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Identifying fuel-efficient vehicles and practical ways to save energy in your home

Carbon Rally
Mapping energy-saving activities of users nationwide while challenging people to take steps toward conservation

The Daily Climate
Links to articles about climate change issues from a variety of news sources on its main page, including a newsfeed subscription

E-Blue Horizons
Calculate your family’s carbon footprint and act to retire carbon offsets.

Encyclopedia of Earth
Alphabetically sorted list of articles about all aspects of climate change from its effects on North American caribou populations to changes in ultraviolet radiation

Energy Star
Guiding visitors with methods of saving energy and money by choosing energy-efficient appliances, lights, heating and cooling systems and office equipment

Footprint Calculator
An interactive program that calculates how much area on Earth is required to support your lifestyle

Global Change MIT
Publishes reports from MIT researchers, theses by MIT students, and other works by participants in the program

Harvard University Center for the Environment
Environmental research being done by Harvard faculty with a newsfeed feature providing the latest publications from Harvard researchers

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Features in-depth assessment reports of the progress and effects of climate change, including special reports on topics such as aviation and carbon dioxide storage, and more

Meet the Greens
A fun, interactive PBS website devoted to educating kids about the challenges and possible solutions related to climate change


Up-to-date information and graphics explaining climate change trends and data

National Academy of Sciences
Articles from NAS publications, including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Issues in Science and Technology with information relevant to climate change

National Geographic
Information about environmental problems such as acid rain, ozone depletion, and deforestation, as well as solutions like fuel cells and hydropower

National Grid Carbon Impact Calculator
Calculating how efficient your home is and which appliances use the most energy

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)
NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, including a detailed FAQ page about the science and effects of global warming

New Dream
Recording actions and making goals to reduce users’ carbon footprints

Pew Center
Features straightforward, easy-to-understand information about the science of global warming and possible ways to solve or adapt to it, including a kids' page

A blog that seeks to fill the gaps in mainstream media coverage by covering the science of climate change, not its political or economic implications

Seas the Day
An informational website with a monthly newsletter on ocean action

Union of Concerned Scientists
Contains background information about climate change, recent climate change news, and information about climate change solutions

We Can Solve It
Inspiring people to fight climate change through individual and political action

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Contains articles about Abrupt Climate Change and Global Warming, including a Q&A with WHOI scientists

The Yale Climate Media Forum
A forum featuring news and notes are organized by topic, with an “Oceans” section that includes articles about overfishing and ocean acidification