The Aquarium has just completed a renovation that has renewed its main building to the core, and the iconic Giant Ocean Tank has undergone a top-to-bottom, 21st-century transformation. Watch its transformation unfold with this time-lapse video. Today the new exhibit has more animals than ever before ... here are some highlights.


There are plenty of new species, but also a bunch of old favorites at the Aquarium right now. Don't miss the fearsome lionfish, the delicate leafy seadragons and the mysterious giant Pacific octopus. Go out back to see the Northern fur seals and California sea lions in action, and be sure to visit the Atlantic harbor seals out front.

Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle

Cownose Ray

Northern Fur Seal button
Little Blue Penguin

African Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin

Anaconda Button
Green Anaconda

Harbor Seal Button
Atlantic Harbor Seal

Jelly Button
Moon Jelly

Seadragon Button
Leafy Seadragon

California Sea Lion Button
California Sea Lion
Northern Fur Seal button
Northern Fur Seal
Lobster Button
American Lobster

North Atlantic Right Whale
Octopus Button
Giant Pacific Octopus




GOT Button
Giant Ocean Tank

Yawkey Coral Reef Center

Blue Planet Action Center

The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank

Edge of the Sea
Edge of the Sea
Gulf Maine Exh Button
Gulf of Maine
Marine Mammal Center
New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center
Reef Exh Button
Pacific Reef Community
Seadragon Exh Button

Peng Exh Button

Harbor Seal Exhibit
Atlantic Harbor Seals
Amazon rainforest link
Amazon Rainforest